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Digitization of Shipping Documents

For ship management companies, there are a few sources of hard copy documents that would require scanning as part of your digitization efforts. Professional digitization service providers will aim to convert all hardcopy manuals and drawings into electronic formats that can be easily stored and accessed. Also, a data base will be built for all the softcopy files so that they can be organised well and kept safely.

Some examples of shipping documents include bills of lading, receipts, safety manuals, oil records, certificates and contracts. The vast nature of these vessel documents would require an experienced company to handle all the digitization effectively and efficiently to aid future reference.

Why choose Modular InfoTech (Singapore) Pte Ltd to digitize your vessel’s documents?

It is apparent that a skilled professional is needed to manage the digitization. Therefore, here at Modular InfoTech (Singapore) Pte Ltd, we guarantee that you will get digitization services that will exceed your expectations.

On top of the 35 years of experience that Modular InfoTech has, Modular InfoTech (Singapore) Pte Ltd has the necessary resources for handling all kinds of vessel documents and all staff is well-trained to recognise each category of vessel documents in order to be able to group them effectively.

Our team is also well-versed in building a database of crew documents by digitizing all types of paperwork into softcopy files. Furthermore, we also have proficient team members who are equipped in doing SFI coding of manuals for ship management companies. With all areas of your digitization process taken care of, you can be rest assured that you are in capable hands should you engage us.

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