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Photo Scanning Services

Photo scanning services include the digitization of photographs, negatives and transparencies for the purpose of archiving or reproduction of the images in print form either in the same size or a larger size.

Negatives are usually differently sized, ranging from 16mm to 120mm and the scanning of negatives are done mainly in either JPEG or TIFF formats, depending on your requirements. JPG/JPEG is the standard file format of the majority of consumer quality digital cameras today and is supported by almost all imaging software. However, JPEG uses lossy compression, which means that some image data will be lost when the file is compressed. On the other hand, TIFF is a lossless compression and is hence, a great choice for archiving images if all details need to be preserved and file size is not a consideration.

For companies that are considering between scanning a photograph or negative, it is advised to opt to scan the negative since it stores more information and image detail from the original image.

Why choose Modular InfoTech (Singapore) Pte Ltd to do photo scanning?

Modular InfoTech (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established following the success of Modular InfoTech, which is the only company in the world that has provided digitization services for more than 1500 vessels in the marine industry.

We strive to aid our clients in achieving better productivity and success by being quality-driven when implementing fresh, effective solutions. Since our establishment in 2008, we have clinched many prestigious awards that prove our competency as a digitization service provider.

If you would like to enquire or get more information about our photo scanning services, kindly schedule a free consultation with our solution specialist and we would be glad to assist you.

Let us help you find the right solutions for your business!

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