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DocuWare: - Modular Info Tech (Singapore) Pte Ltd

DocuWare is a document management software for professional Enterprise Content Management. Incorporating various features, its ultimate aim is to upgrade your enterprise’s existing IT systems with a multi-functional software. Additionally, it is made to be affordable, easy to use and scalable.

Features of DocuWare

Importing documents
DocuWare provides the flexibility of importing documents of any format and source, including hardcopy documents as they can be transferred using almost any scanner.
Organized and secure storage
Based on user-defined criteria, DocuWare is able to automatically categorize documents and securely store them through a timely classification.
Restricted access
To ensure full security, DocuWare incorporates electronic signatures, time stamps and access rights to every single document, effectively preventing data losses and unauthorized access.
Document retrieval
DocuWare comes with the Smart Connect module – a search function that is able to identify search and index terms directly from most applications, boosting your employees’ productivity.
Document editing
Editing tools such as comments, marker highlighters and version management are included in the software.
Workflow process automation
By using a simple approval and refusal stamp system, DocuWare automates any business processes that involve documents by achieving a balance between efficiency and transparency.
Mobility solution
One of the key advantages of integrating DocuWare is having the ability to access documents wherever you are and from any preferred device, allowing you to work on the go.
Flexible accessibility
Whether an employee is working from home or overseas, DocuWare ensures that documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world, increasing productivity and enhancing customer service.
DocuWare was designed in a way that its system architecture allows additional new features to be integrated easily. This ensures constant development of the software to serve more advanced functions.

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