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The Best Solutions

We serve these Key Industries

We have experts who know the competitive challenges that your company faces – and the solutions that your company needs to leap ahead of times.

Ministries & Statutory Bodies
We have long track of experience in dealing with government agencies.
We offer digitization services for all forms of media - text (paper document), sound (analog signal), image or voice (printed photo, taped video)
We provide rendered our services to Education Sector where we digitized student’s documents.
Real Estate
We do digitization and book marking of Leasing documents. Retrieval of documents based on indexes like Tenant details, Lease and Sub Lease details is much simpler, faster and more accurate by using our solution.
We do data conversion of all kind of medical records efficiently and precisely.
Our digitization solution for documents and all types of media is being widely utilized by Govt. Telecom firms.
We're working with more than 50 ship management companies and have digitized 800 vessels documents
Oil & Refinery
Our digitization process allows just that to have all the information on click of a button.

Document Management Solution

A Feature rich Document Management Solution will have features like:

  • Capturing and organizing documents
  • Providing access and transparency
  • Improve the re-usability of information content
  • Document version control, audit trail and reporting
  • Improve speed of search and retrieval
  • Document collaboration with internal employees or external partners
  • Document security with user, group and role based access control
  • Streamlining collaboration on shared documents
  • Creating a consistent document management infrastructure

For more detail, please schedule a Free Consultation with our solution specialist now!

E-Form & Work Flow Solution

Workflow management software unlocks the full potential of an ECM system, distributing information anywhere it’s needed across an organization.

Effective workflow management eliminates common obstacles that get in the way of sustained efficiency:

  • Manual, paper-based business processes are stifling productivity
  • Tracking of routines is poor or nonexistent, slowing output and reducing accountability
  • Existing workflow system is inflexible, making changes extremely difficult and costly

For more detail, please schedule a Free Consultation with our solution specialist now!

Ship Management Software

Key benefits of our software for ship management and operations:

  • Increase availability of your vessels
  • Increase productivity of your key staff
  • Increase transparency of operations
  • Show stakeholders that your fleet is well managed
  • Analyse and optimize ship management and operational cost
  • Reduce dry docking times and cost
  • Increase compliance to highest standards
  • Reduce delays, off-hire and detentions
  • Save fuel and operational cost
  • Improve your environmental footprint

Any ERP solutions of Ship Management will have comprehensive modules of all their processes.

For more detail, please schedule a Free Consultation with our solution specialist now!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation (RPA) makes use of software robots (bots) with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI) capabilities. The cognitive abilities of the bots allow them to self learn how to automate even the most complicated processes very easily and quickly. RPA bots just need to be familiarized once with the processes by executing the process once end to end. 

Thus the organization can automate all their manual processes so that their resources can be freed up to perform more value added, productive work. RPA can perform intelligent document processing on both structured and unstructured data. It can automate any application whether it is Web UI, external third party system, legacy system, Desktop app or any enterprise solution like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Share Point. It can seamlessly integrate with all external systems that the organization currently uses. 

RPA offers a web based, user friendly platform that can be easily learnt by business users as minimal coding is involved. It’s a highly scalable solution having low maintenance that can handle large volumes of data, documents, any number of users and processes. The implementation time taken is just a few weeks without affecting business continuity. It can be used widely across all industry verticals. 

RPA can help organizations achieve higher operational efficiency up to 80%, enormous cost reduction, almost 100% accuracy in extracting text and image data, 85% reduction of human errors due to minimal or no manual intervention and accurate exception handling system in place. The processing capacity and speed increase tenfold, turnaround time and ROI realization is must faster, resulting in increased revenues and better quality of customer service. The bots can run 24×7 with multi tasking, multi processing, load balancing capabilities. This ensures higher compliance and meeting SLAs. Due to low code, low maintenance of the RPA solution,  the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is very low. Also the same RPA solution can be rolled out across multiple geographical locations of the organization. 

Classic examples where RPA can be implemented:

Invoice processing, invoice loading into ERP system, data-reconciliation between Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, SAP Open Invoices, Remit and Bank statements.

F&A operations like Journal Voucher processing and posting to SAP, Payments processing against pending invoices, Expense management and claims processing. The data and documents are verified and reconciled by the bot.

Processes for the IT Support Help Desk, from raising a service request/ticket, solving, tracking, automatic email generation till its closure. RPA can easily automate ticketing tool, employee movement, account changes, routine IT maintenance, Email/User activation/deactivation.

HR operations related to employee on-boarding/exit/transfer, payroll, expense and claims processing.

In Retail industry, ecommerce website automation, product search, product categorization, product ranking by comparing across websites, key details data validation across websites against master data, report generation and automatic emails to key stakeholders, Vendor management.

In Telecom industry, competitor data extraction and analysis by comparing all competitors’ websites, performing searches for product plans, data capture of the tariff plans, generating comparison reports.

In Banking industry, Know your client (KYC) document processing. Data validation is done and all missing/incorrect fields are identified by the Bot and automatic emails sent to respective clients.

Multiple operations in PDF documents, including bookmarking/indexing, intelligent data/image extraction, data verification and reconciliation of the key fields, file splitting.

Manual data entry and generating reports. RPA can auto populate fields in any external ERP system like SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics or perform data entry in any file format like EXCEL, CSV to generate daily reports and audit trails.

RPA can monitor daily job schedules, do batch processing, bulk file uploads, automatic email reminders, any file operation in any OS, for e.g. move, copy, replace, delete, archive. It can also automate any file transfer services like PUTTY. 

Our RPA solutions focus on:

Real Estate
Invoice Processing
Oil Refinery

For more detail, please schedule a Free Consultation with our solution specialist now!

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