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ParaDM is an all-in-one document management system for enterprises that encompasses different core modules to serve varying targeted purposes – the end result is a well-integrated web-based management suite that enhances your business processes and operations.

The core modules of ParaDM include:

  • ParaHub

This module provides a secure automated system that allows efficient collaboration between project team members, business partners and clients. Other than being able to store documents in an organized manner, its key functions are to facilitate document sharing and to allow business continuity regardless of any turnovers.

  • ParaShare

Equipped with document tracking and version history functions, ParaShare allows for safe sharing of documents and control of permission settings for each individual document. For files that are highly classified, watermarks can be added for better security.

  • ParaDoc

With ParaDoc, your document management system can be paired with expandable plug-ins and tools to offer a more brilliantly organized storage to aid in quicker file searching. This also enhances the scalability and security of your enterprise’s systems.

  • ParaFlow

ParaFlow is made to be integrated with ParaDoc to streamline workflow systems as well as to ensure that tasks are completed punctually according to priority, greatly reducing any human errors.

  • ParaForm

The usage of electronic forms has become vastly important and can be achieved via the combination of ParaForm and ParaFlow. ParaForm’s flexibility allows all e-forms to be accessible at any time and place with information access controls.

  • ParaScan

ParaScan is the fundamental module that digitizes all hardcopy paper documents as a scalable enterprise document capturing solution. It offers multilingual recognition, image optimization as well as duplex scanning.


ParaDM has recently come up with a new product offering called Cryptobox. The hardware (box) is a small, portable server with storage capacity. The software consists of ParaDoc and ParaShare. ParaFlow, ParaForm, ParaScan, ParaHub are not available. It is a low cost, compact version of ParaDoc system with hard disk. 

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